My Tasks

In My Tasks you will find the tasks, where you are assigned as resource on the task.


At the top of the page you find the view navigator

myTaskServer My Tasks - Views

Here you can use 3 different views on your tasks

  • by Date - tasks shown in descending date order based on Finish Date
  • by Project - tasks grouped by Project Name
  • by Calendar - tasks grouped by Dates and shown like a calendar


Tap to change task status

On the left side of a task you will find a symbol representing the 4 normal states of a task.

MTS task sent


MTS task accepted


MTS task in progress

In Progress

MTS task completed


When you tap the symbol the state will move to the next normal state.

If you need to change the task to other than the 4 above states then you need to edit the task.


Edit/view a Task

 In order to view or edit a single task - just tap anywhere on the task (except on the task status icon)


New Task

myTaskServer - new task

Click on the + button in your right bottom corner to create a new task.