Installing the MTS for Outlook will enable you to:

  • Get all your personal myTaskServer tasks in Outlook either as appointments in your calendar, or as Outlook tasks
  • Get new tasks and updates from MTS automatically
  • Update MTS information or create new MTS tasks directly in Outlook


How to download and install


Go to the download page then click the download and continue the install.

If you have any problems with the installation, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your IT administrator.





Log in with your myTaskServer user name (e-mail) and password. 

Please register or sign up for one of our plans (free options available)









Here you can set if you want MTS to synchronize with your task list or your calendar.

Calendar appointments are synchronized with a Calendar named "myTaskServer".

You can select Automatic synchronization if you want your data update every 5 minutes, or you can click the Sync Now button in the ribbon.




Notifications are messages sent out via e-mail or mobile notification systems by choice of the receiver. You can choose whether notifications should happen always, never or the application should ask on each communication.


Update Window


The update window specifies the time-frame for which you will receive updates from myTaskServer. In some cases tasks are planned in the distant future, and in order to focus on short term, a short window can be applied to the sync. Also, this gives you a faster synchronization and less waiting time.

Sending your first task


The sending functionality currently only covers the "forgotten task" scenario, where the resource discovers a new task in a project that he/she is already working on.

You can define and send out a new tasks from Outlook by:

  • right clicking the calendar appointment or task

  • select the project name which you want to use for your task

You can only select projects that appear in your window already, 

You can only send a task to yourself.

Sync Now



In order to get updates back from MTS, click the Sync Now button in the myTaskServer ribbon.

Updates status on all MTS relevant calendar appointments & tasks manually or automatically.

Sending out a revision


Select the Outlook task or appointment, do your changes, and just save it - changes will be sent to MTS automatically.