How to download and install


Go to the download page, then click the download button, and continue the install.

If you have problems with the installation, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your IT administrator.


Getting Started


Save and name the project

You can start using MTS on any project, if you make a new project please give the project a name and save it.


Define resources

In order to send tasks to resources, the resources have to be defined properly in MTS.

Go to the Resource Sheet in the View Ribbon, type in Resource Name and Email address for each resource.

If you previously used MTS you can use the Import Resources option in the myTaskServer Ribbon.


Sending your first task


Define a task and assign a resource, then right-click the task and select “Send Task To myTaskServer”.

A moment later you will see the confirmation


 Please note that:

  • Empty tasks, external tasks and summary tasks cannot be sent
  • Only one resource can be assigned to each task
  • Project name of the MTS task is the filename, unless you specify one in Text25 (Project Name) custom field


Getting updates from resources



In order to get updates back from the resources click the Sync Now button in the myTaskServer ribbon.

All tasks will be updated.

Sending out a revision


Just select the task, right click again and select Send Task To myTaskServer.

Sending multiple tasks

Just select multiple tasks, right-click again and select Send Task To myTaskServer.

Summary tasks and empty lines are not sent to MTS.


Sending out all changes


Clicking on the Sync Now ribbon button, will send all pending changes to MTS.

Tasks with resources will be sent out.

Task without resources will be stored in MTS.





You can select Automatic synchronization if you want your data updated every 5 minutes (if you don't want to click the Sync Now button in the ribbon).

Select Syncronize all tasks to myTaskServer in order to get all new and changed tasks synchronized to myTaskServer on any sync operation, automatic or manual.





Notifications are messages sent out via e-mail or mobile notification systems by choice of the receiver. You can choose whether notifications should happen always, never or the application should ask on each communication.


Import Resources


Import Resources gives you the option to reuse resources defined in earlier projects.

Select the resources you need, and they will be added to the Resource Sheet of your current project.



Multiple projects


Multiple projects in the same .mpp file is supported by default.

Project name is specified in Text25, if empty the project files name is used.


Import Project


The Import Project function allows you to import more projects from MTS into the current file. The additional tasks are added to the bottom of the file.



Sync MTS


Discontinued function.



Documents in Microsoft Project


Show documents will enable a task pane in the right hand side of the screen.

Here you can view, add comments, download and upload documents.

Change state of the Task

Using a right click on a single task you can set a task in one of the following states:

Deleted - deleted from MTS, not accessible anymore

On Hold - temporarily set to inactive, visible 

Cancelled - permanently inactive, visible

Archived - archived, invisible to resources



MSP Custom Fields Used

Status (Text24)

Status of the task.


User Message (Text23)

Field is used to communicate user messages.

Invalid task errors, and failed synchronizations will result in a message in this field.

Task Send (Flag15)

This flag is set to true whenever a task is sent to a resource

Text25 (Gantt chart) – this task level custom field is used when the Multiple Project option is enabled from the ribbon. Text25 will be used to specify the Project Name for each task.
Text24 (Gantt chart) – this task level custom field is added to monitor the status of tasks that were sent out to resources or saved to the calendar.

Project Name (Text25)

Used to specify the Project Name for each individual task. 


Flag16, Flag17, Flag18, Text22, Text23, Text26, Text27, Text28, Text30

Used internally, please don't use them for other purposes.