The Project Organizer allows you to manage all the projects that you ever synchronized with myTaskServer.  


Click on the myTaskServer ribbon tab, and then click on the Project Organizer button, to open the tool.



The Project Organizer looks like the dialog box below.

It contains all your myTaskServer projects, and lets you view valuable information about them, as well as completely manage them with the help of the controls on the right-side of the dialog box.


Project Details

By selecting a project from the myTaskServer Projects list, you're quickly able to view information about the selected project, such as the owner, start date of the project (calculated from the earliest task in the project), finish date, average %number of tasks defined in the project, and permission.

NOTE: on projects where you are the owner, you will have Read-Write (rw) permissions by default.

Import Project

After you've selected a myTaskServer project, you can simply hit the Import Project button. 

This will insert all the tasks in the selected project into the currently open project file. Additional resources that are not present in your project will also be defined in the Resource Sheet.

Share Project

To allow a colleague to work on a project that you started, you can simply share it with them via the Project Organizer.

Just select a project that you want to share, and hit the Share Project button.

This will bring up the Share Project dialog, where you can see all the people you've already shared the selected project with, edit these shares, or add new ones.


To share the project with a new person, hit the Add button, specify the persons email address, and select whether you want to share the project with Read-Only or Read-Write permissions.


You can also edit the permissions on your previous shares, and even unshare them (by hitting the Delete button).

After you've finished sharing your project, just hit the Done button, and you'll be brought back to the Project Organizer.

Rename Project

You can rename your myTaskServer projects from the Project Organizer, simply by selecting a project, and hitting the Rename button.

You will be asked for a new project name in the next dialog box, and by confirming that, your project will be renamed in the myTaskServer service, and you'll be able to synchronize and see the new names, across all our tools.

Archive Project

If you no longer want to work on a project, you can simply change it's state to Archived, and it will be invisible in most of your views.

By archiving a project, the tasks will become unavailable to your resources, and you won't see the project in the Project Organizer either.

Archived projects can be restored from this state, back to an initial state, where all tasks will be reset. Just hit the Restore projects... button in the Project Organizer, where you'll see a list of archived projects.

Delete Project

Deleting a project will completely remove it from our system, and you're no longer able to restore it to any previous state.

We only recommend deleting projects, that you're sure you won't need to access anymore.

Restore Projects

As previously mentioned, Archived projects can be restored from the Project Organizer.

Select the project that you want to restore, from the dropdown list, and hit the Restore button.

This action will reset all the tasks in the selected project to the following state:

  • Task Status: Stored
  • Percent Complete: 0%
  • Resource: No Resource