The Resource Organizer is the central hub for any resource related activity in myTaskServer. 


Click on the myTaskServer ribbon tab, and then click on the Resource Organizer button, to open the tool.



The Resource Organizer looks like the dialog box below.

It contains all your myTaskServer Resources on the left side of the window, and your local resources on the right.

NOTE: Your myTaskServer Resources are the resources you've already sent a myTaskServer task to.


Copy Resources

To speed up the process of defining new projects, you can copy (import) your previously used resources from myTaskServer into any of your projects.

Just select one or more resource on the left side of the screen, and hit the Copy >> button. The selected resources will be defined in your currently opened project with the email addresses assigned to them.

You can also import all your previously used resources with a click of a button: just hit the Copy All >> button, and click Exit when you're done.

Rename Resource

The Resource Organizer allows you to rename your resources site-wide, meaning that they're Resource Name field will be changed across all projects that are synchronized with myTaskServer, or just in the projects that are defined in the currently open .mpp file.

Just select a myTaskServer Resource, and hit the Rename button, to bring up the Rename Resource dialog.


Here you can specify the new resource name, and select whether you want to rename the resource in all your myTaskServer synchronized projects, or just the ones that are defined in the current file.