Show Documents ribbon button will enable a task pane in the right hand side of the screen.

Here you can view, add comments, download and upload documents.




Click on the myTaskServer ribbon tab, and then click on the Show Documents button, to open the myTaskServer Task Pane on the Documents page.

task documents ribbon 1



Click on any valid task in the grid, and the tasks documents list will be loaded up.

View Document List

The document list will be loaded automatically when you have a selected task.

task documents pane 4

Adding a Document

Each valid myTaskServer task will have an +Add button on the document viewer. By pressing this button, you will be prompted by a file selector.

Here you can select any file you want to include in your task documents.

After the selection has been made, you will be prompted by the following form, where a thumbnail of your selected picture will appear (or an icon for documents) .

task documents pane 2

View & Edit Document

By clicking on a document in the Task Document List, you will be prompted by the form shown below.

Here you can edit & save the notes, download or delete the document.

task documents pane 6