The Task Editor offers a quick and easy way to edit or define myTaskServer tasks.

Click on a task row to load it into the Task Editor. Any changes made in the table will be updated in the Task Editor and vice-versa.

Clicking on New Task will select the first empty task row in the worksheet, where you can start defining a new task. When the task is ready, hitting the Send button will send out any changes made to the task.




Click on the myTaskServer ribbon tab, and then click on the Task Editor button, to open the myTaskServer Task Pane on the Task Editor page.

task editor ribbon 1



Click on any valid task in the grid, and it will be loaded up into the Task Editor.

Edit Tasks

You can edit the enabled values of the task. Changing them and moving to a different field will update the task object in the grid.

task editor pane 1

New Task

Clicking on the New Task button in a valid view / worksheet will navigate the cursor to an empty row, where you can define a new task.

Please Note

  • In Microsoft Project, the New Task button only works in the Gantt views.

Task Status

Changing the Task Status field can impact the % complete field.

Send Button

The Send button sends out a newly defined myTaskServer task, or any pending changes that you've made to the task object. When it finishes sending it, the User Message field gets updated accordingly. 

User Message

The User Message field hosts system messages that were generated from synchronization events.

task editor usermessage