The Task History ribbon button will enable a task pane in the right hand side of the screen showing the history of the selected myTaskServer task.

Each row represents a certain state of the task, and each highlighted value represents a property of the task, that has been changed compared to the previous task state.

Clicking on a history item will open a detailed view of the tasks history, where you can see all the fields that have been synchronized to myTaskServer.




Click on the myTaskServer ribbon tab, and then click on the Task History button, to open the myTaskServer Task Pane on the Task History page.

task history ribbon 1



Click on any valid task in the grid, and the task history will be loaded up.

View History

Each state of the task will be displayed as a row in the Task History table. The properties that changed from the previous version are highlighted in orange.

The exact timestamp when the modification happened is showed in the Timestamp column (it is displayed in GMT+1 timezone) , while the myTaskServer user who did the changes is displayed in the Modified by column.

task history pane 1

Task History Details

Clicking on a history row will bring up the detailed view of the item.

task history pane 2